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Phleng Chat

"Phleng Chat" ("เพลงชาติ") is the national anthem of Thailand. It was adopted on 10 December 1939. The melody was composed by Peter Feit (Thai name: Phra Jenduriyang), 1883-1968, the son of a German immigrant and royal advisor for music. The words are by Luang Saranupraphan. Phleng chat, literally means "national song", is a general word for national anthem. Phleng chat thai, Thailand's national anthem, is also used to refer to this specific song.
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Map of Thailand

Map of Thailand

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A unified Thai kingdom was established in the mid-14th century. Known as Siam until 1939, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. A bloodless revolution in 1932 led to a constitutional monarchy. In alliance with Japan during World War II, Thailand became a US ally following the conflict. Thailand is currently facing separatist violence in its southern ethnic Malay-Muslim provinces.
Location Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Burma
Population 65,068,149 note: estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS; this can result in lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality and death rates, lower population and growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected (July 2007 est.)
Nationality noun: Thai (singular and plural) adjective: Thai
Flag description five horizontal bands of red (top), white, blue (double width), white, and red