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Inno Nazionale della Repubblica

The Inno Nazionale is the national anthem of the European microstate San Marino. It was written by Federico Consolo, a Sammarinese violinist and composer, and adopted as the national anthem in 1894. This national anthem is one of the few without lyrics, and is therefore called simply Inno Nazionale (Italian: National anthem). Although it is little known and scarcely heard within the wider European Community, the Inno Nazionale is regularly played in the streets of San Marino City by the musicians of the Military Ensemble during national and religious festivals.
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Map of San Marino

Map of San Marino

Basic information on San Marino

The third smallest state in Europe (after the Holy See and Monaco), San Marino also claims to be the world's oldest republic. According to tradition, it was founded by a Christian stonemason named Marino in A.D. 301. San Marino's foreign policy is aligned with that of Italy; social and political trends in the republic also track closely with those of its larger neighbor.
Location Southern Europe, an enclave in central Italy
Population 29,615 (July 2007 est.)
Nationality noun: Sammarinese (singular and plural) adjective: Sammarinese
Flag description two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and light blue with the national coat of arms superimposed in the center; the coat of arms has a shield (featuring three towers on three peaks) flanked by a wreath, below a crown and above a scroll bearing the word LIBERTAS (Liberty)