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Today Over Macedonia

Denes nad Makedonija (Macedonian: Денес Над Македонија, "Today Over Macedonia") is the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia. It was composed by Todor Skalovski and the lyrics were written by Vlado Maleski in 1943 . It was adopted to be an anthem of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, a part of Yugoslavia, when it was established after World War II. Later the song was selected to be the anthem of the newly established independent Republic of Macedonia.
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Map of Macedonia

Map of Macedonia

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Macedonia gained its independence peacefully from Yugoslavia in 1991, but Greece's objection to the new state's use of what it considered a Hellenic name and symbols delayed international recognition, which occurred under the provisional designation of "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia." In 1995, Greece lifted a 20-month trade embargo and the two countries agreed to normalize relations. The United States began referring to Macedonia by its constitutional name, Republic of Macedonia, in 2004 and negotiations continue between Greece and Macedonia to resolve the name issue. Some ethnic Albanians, angered by perceived political and economic inequities, launched an insurgency in 2001 that eventually won the support of the majority of Macedonia's Albanian population and led to the internationally-brokered Framework Agreement, which ended the fighting by establishing a set of new laws enhancing the rights of minorities. The undetermined status of neighboring Kosovo, implementation of the Framework Agreement, and slow economic growth continue to be challenges for Macedonia.
Location Southeastern Europe, north of Greece
Population 2,055,915 (July 2007 est.)
Nationality noun: Macedonian(s) adjective: Macedonian
Flag description a yellow sun with eight broadening rays extending to the edges of the red field