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Al-Nasheed Al-Watani

Al-Nasheed Al-Watani (Arabic: النشيد الوطني, meaning "National Anthem"). The Kuwaiti national anthem is by poet Ahmad Meshari Al-Adwani, Ibrahim Al-Soula composed the music and Ahmad Ali arranged the composition. It was first broadcast on 25 February , 1978.
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Map of Kuwait

Map of Kuwait

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Britain oversaw foreign relations and defense for the ruling Kuwaiti AL-SABAH dynasty from 1899 until independence in 1961. Kuwait was attacked and overrun by Iraq on 2 August 1990. Following several weeks of aerial bombardment, a US-led, UN coalition began a ground assault on 23 February 1991 that liberated Kuwait in four days. Kuwait spent more than $5 billion to repair oil infrastructure damaged during 1990-91. The AL-SABAH family has ruled since returning to power in 1991, and reestablished an elected legislature that in recent years has become increasingly assertive.
Location Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia
Population 2,505,559 note: includes 1,291,354 non-nationals (July 2007 est.)
Nationality noun: Kuwaiti(s) adjective: Kuwaiti
Flag description three equal horizontal bands of green (top), white, and red with a black trapezoid based on the hoist side; design, which dates to 1961, based on the Arab revolt flag of World War I