Flag of Estonia
Republic of Estonia


National anthem of Estonia

Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm

Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm ("My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy") was adopted as the national anthem (Estonian: (riigi)hümn) of the Republic of Estonia in 1920, and again in 1990.
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Map of Estonia

Map of Estonia

Basic information on Estonia

After centuries of Danish, Swedish, German, and Russian rule, Estonia attained independence in 1918. Forcibly incorporated into the USSR in 1940 - an action never recognized by the US - it regained its freedom in 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since the last Russian troops left in 1994, Estonia has been free to promote economic and political ties with Western Europe. It joined both NATO and the EU in the spring of 2004.
Location Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia
Population 1,315,912 (July 2007 est.)
Nationality noun: Estonian(s) adjective: Estonian
Flag description pre-1940 flag restored by Supreme Soviet in May 1990 - three equal horizontal bands of blue (top), black, and white