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Der er et yndigt land

"Der er et yndigt land" ("There is a Lovely Country") is the (civil) national anthem of Denmark. For royal celebrations, the royal anthem, "Kong Kristian" (which is, however also civil, alongside with "Der er et yndigt land"), is used.
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Map of Denmark

Map of Denmark

Basic information on Denmark

Once the seat of Viking raiders and later a major north European power, Denmark has evolved into a modern, prosperous nation that is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe. It joined NATO in 1949 and the EEC (now the EU) in 1973. However, the country has opted out of certain elements of the European Union's Maastricht Treaty, including the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), European defense cooperation, and issues concerning certain justice and home affairs.
Location Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany (Jutland); also includes two major islands (Sjaelland and Fyn)
Population 5,468,120 (July 2007 est.)
Nationality noun: Dane(s) adjective: Danish
Flag description red with a white cross that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side; the banner is referred to as the Dannebrog (Danish flag) note: the shifted design element was subsequently adopted by the other Nordic countries of Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden